Celebration of Names: A Workshop on Modern Calligraphy (Dzongkha Tshugyig Script)

The workshop focuses on providing inspiration and motivation in life through Calligraphy by way of writing and designing inspirational words, phrases and quotes. The exercise will begin with appreciating and celebrating ones names creating into beautiful design. Students will learn the basics of calligraphy including:

  1. Introduction to flat and broad pen calligraphy tools and how to use them.
  2. The concept of pressure, release and rotation for thin tapering strokes.
  3. How to structure an entire alphabet (Tshugyig script)
  4. Learning ways of developing one’s own calligraphy style.
  5. Improvising writing instrument.

This workshop is designed for those with no previous experience with flat broad or modern Dzongkha calligraphy.

Eligibility: Ages 15+ only

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