Exhibitions August 22-25, 2018 | Royal Textile Academy

Exhibition of paintings created by Penjor Dorji
This exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Bhutan Foundation.


In efforts to revive the traditional way of painting with natural dyes, Penjor embarks on an exciting venture to create dyes using natural pigments from organic sources like plants and trees in Bhutan. A traditional thangka painter, Penjor, has researched over four years and successfully experimented the production and use of natural colors for painting. His paintings are exquisite and different from the loud acrylic colors that have dominated the market these days. This exhibition will showcase different materials used by Penjor’s along with his unique paintings on religious symbols. Penjor will also be giving a live demonstration.


An exhibition of paintings created by inmates of Jaipur Central Jail, curated by Malvika Singh
This exhibition is powered by Department of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan

The Tree of Life is a formidable symbol found in all ancient civilizations as an expression that bridges and connects all the myriad forms of ‘creation’. From ancient Iran and Mesopotamia to India and China, this ‘motif’ has been intrinsic to most faiths and philosophies. In mythology it is revered as a Sacred Tree to be nurtured and protected, worshipped and respected. It is seen as the tree of knowledge that embraces the underworld, the earth, and the sky. Some cultures believe that two tree were the ancestors of life on this planet. Others believe the Tree of Life manifests divine attributes.

Varied visual interpretations of the motif are found in woven fabrics, in rock carvings, in bronze sculptures, in painting, and in living botanical species. The Bodhi Tree in India, and The Moringa Tree in Africa are two examples of the living ‘tree of life’, the miracle tree.

This exhibition is a glimpse into the manifestations of the idea of the Tree of Life in tent panels; wall hangings; tribal art and also, motifs and emblems hand block printed and painted on fabrics both secular and religious.

The Tree of Life is embedded in the minds, myths and philosophies of the many cultures of the world.