Exhibitions August 25-28, 2016


An exhibition of artwork by the Jogi family; selections from Contemporary Expressions – Art of the Jogi Family, curated by Tulika Kedia
Venue: Royal University of Bhutan

Jogi Art Website

Tulika Kedia is a collector of indigenous art from areas across India. She supports and helps a large group of artists, collecting their work and has established the Must Art Gallery. Tulika’s book, Contemporary Expressions – Art of the Jogi Family showcases the fine art of the Jogi family. Ganesh Jogi and his wife Teju had worked hard in their village before moving to urban pastures when difficult times arose. Renowned artist and anthropologist Haku Shah mentored Ganesh. Joined soon by his wife and children, the family’s work is a tour de force in the field of art. The Jogi family bring a refreshingly simplistic narrative in their works through their free flowing lines which when observed closely bloom and whisper stories through the intricately filled dots and individual patterns. Selected artwork from Tulika’s book will be exhibited at the Jogi Art Exhibition.



An exhibition of photographs by Sudhir Kasliwal, curated by Pramod Kumar KG
Venue: Nehru Wangchuck Cultural Centre
Sudhir Kasliwal and Pramod Kumar KG will be conducting walk throughs at 5:00 pm on August 24, 2016 and 11:30 am on August 27, 2016.

Sudhir Kasliwal

An Ode to Rajasthan: Images 1979-2016 Sudhir Kasliwal is the prescient insider who has been photographing and visually documenting his people, their living traditions and their land with an inimitable gaze. His oeuvre of black & white photographs look far beyond the grandeur of palaces or the mystery of sand dunes, clichés of Rajasthan is almost anathema to him. His focus is resolutely on the region’s inhabitants, their joys and sorrows and the manner in which they fill their terrain. These images are visual indicators that document evocative nuances of changing times and bring forth the joy of living in a land in great transition where the old order is giving way to newer traditions. This then is an unparalleled archive of Rajasthan in black & white, as poetic response to the overwhelming colour in the region.



An exhibition of photographs from Gasa Dzongkhag, curated by Dorji Dradhul
Venue: Royal University of Bhutan


Gasa Dzongkhag stands out as the founder of Modern Bhutan, Shabdrung Nawang Namgyel entered Bhutan for the first time through Laya which is presently in Gasa. The purpose of the exhibition is to display the beauty of Gasa Dzongkhag, it’s nature, history, culture in line with the the official motto adopted by Gasa Dzongkhag “Good to Great”.