Namgay Zam

I have been involved with Mountain Echoes since the very beginning- terrified of Mita at first, but she is now my favourite person at the festival. I will sadly be missing this year’s edition for a reason beyond my control. I have made great friends through the festival, and have interviewed so many amazing people. I love how the festival is such an intimate affair. One of the best things that the festival has done for me is gift me author friends. I get such a thrill every time I walk into a bookstore and spot the name of a friend there. That person comes alive in the bookstore as his/her name reminds me of something they said or did at the festival. A dear friend of mine, photographer Pawo Choyning Dorji, is participating for the first time in the special edition this year and I won’t be there. I will regret this.

I look back at the festival with fondness, and look forward with great excitement. Wishing the sixth edition of the festival tremendous success, and everyone involved richness of spirit and immense happiness!

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