Kalki Koechlin

So I vaguely know that Bhutan is somewhere off the north east of India and I’ve heard it being called ‘the happiest of nations’. On top of which movies like lunchbox site is as the place to runaway to and then I read some article claiming that it’s a hundred percent organic and of course when you google it, you’re provided with dreamy mountainous images of untouched nature that make you believe its ok to bring babies into this world after all. then there is this literary festival with all these famous authors, performers, filmmakers, poets, queens and kings, like literally, a queen. I mean does she wear a crown and all? anyway so basically I’m going to go check this out for myself, because it all sounds like a pretty nice change from commenting on the daily twitter outrage or eating fast food fast in a slow moving car through traffic from one meeting to another. also it would be nice to see a naked tree, since all the trees I know are covered in Bollywood posters, piss and paan stains. So yeah, Bhutan this august sounds… like, awesome.

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