Jerry Pinto

The Bhutan Literary Festival Mountain Echoes was one of the most beautiful I have ever attended. I felt so at home that on the second day, when I met a young American teacher and his wife who were teaching in a school in Bhutan, I sat down with them and did a reading from my book When Crows are White. It was a lovely moment for me and it was made lovelier when one of the kids wrote me a poem and the teacher posted it on twitter.
I enjoyed my time on stage because the audiences were engaged and attentive and the conversations ranged far and wide. I enjoyed my time off stage too because many interesting questions were aired and the discussions were free and frank.
And ten minutes walk away was the magic of a river with onyx-coloured water and the forests. I took Omair Ahmed’s book, a bunch of fruit bought at the market, and went off one afternoon to sit quietly and enjoy reading amid birdsong and windsong.

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