Tshewang Dendup

The pursuit, acquisition, creation, possession and dissemination of knowledge occupy the top tier in the Bhutanese ecosystem. In 2015, I was invited by Mountain Echoes to interview the widely popular Indian author Chetan Bhagat. As Mountain Echoes arrives this summer in its seventh avatar, I urge our young Bhutanese to take advantage of this very important literary festival. As a young Bhutanese who grew up in a small town, it was my love for books that allowed me to transcend the physical barriers imposed on us by our impregnable mountains. Getting to meet authors and artists in person at the sixth Mountain Echoes in Thimphu was a veritable feast for me. Today, technology has interwoven us with the rest of the world. Mountain Echoes brings talent and creativity from our immediate neighbour and friend India and from countries far and away. I take this opportunity to urge parents and teachers to send your children and students to Mountain Echoes at least for a day or for an hour.  I remember the crowd of young students who came to listen to the illustrious individuals from the literary world at Mountain Echoes 2015. I’m sure that like me, they’d have also gone home with a renewed vigour to read, to write and to tell our stories to the world beyond our mountains. Tashi Delek!

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